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100% Tax Deduction: Investors may realize a tax deduction against income of up to 100% of the amount invested. Typically 30 - 40 % is claimed in the year which the investment was made with the balance deductible over the next few years.

Tax Deferral: Investors can benefit by deferring income taxes. Any amount deferred may be reduced by cash distributions taxable as income, and any possible capital gains that are allocable to investors upon divestiture of the royalties.

Tax Savings: WCSB Limited Partnership’s are specifically structured to provide investors with a combination of cash distributions and capital gains. As a result, a portion of income may potentially be converted into more favorably taxed capital gains payable in the future when the royalty asset is sold.
Example Tax Deductions



WCSB intends to invest 100% of available funds into development programs or to a lesser extent exploration activities. Therefore, the expected tax deduction for a limited partner in the year of purchase is approximately 40-50% of the amount invested with the balance deductible over the next four years. Because of these tax deductions, investors may be able to reduce their effective net ‘at-risk’ capital to approximately 54% to 56% of their original investment (please see the prospectus for the relevant partnership for a full description of these calculations).




The following information is provided as estimated tax deductions for WCSB Limited Partnership's. Please refer to your personal T5013A each year to review your final tax distribution summary.

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