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Frequently Asked Questions

To follow are general tax related questions and answers our investors often have with respect to their investment in WCSB Investment Programs. As WCSB does not keep tax information on each individual investor, investors are encouraged to contact their own investment advisor or their tax consultant for further advice on their investment.


When will my T5013A Tax Slips be mailed out?

January and February of each year, WCSB compiles the tax information required to prepare per unit tax factors. The information is then forwarded to your investment advisor’s back office in order for them to prepare individual investor T5013A tax slips that will be mailed to you. The T5013A is mailed to you directly from your investment dealers back office on or before March 31st of each year.


How can I get a reprint of my T5013A Slip?

If you require a reprint of your T5013A Tax Slip, contact your investment dealers office and have them contact thier back office for a reprint of your slip.  WCSB does not produce or have access to investors tax information.


What is my adjusted cost base (ACB)?

The adjusted cost base or “ACB” is generally what you originally paid for your investment. However, once you realize the tax deductions from the Limited Partnership, you are deemed to have an adjusted cost base (ACB) of nil, due to the receipt of the tax deductions which will approximately equal your original investment amount. A nil adjusted cost base means that when you sell your investment, you get to claim capital gain which gets preferential tax treatment in comparison to otherwise paying tax on income.